“Tributaries,” The Latest Album


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The Cons: A grassroots-grown americana band


Combining backgrounds from old soul-filled hymns and rock & roll to blues and bluegrass, The Cons of Formant have established themselves as a core part of the Americana & Folk Rock movement. Their diverse blend of styles has created a beautiful balance of sound that is uniquely their own. 

After releasing their debut self-titled album, "The Cons of Formant," The Cons began work on their sophomore album, "Tributaries." This second album intentionally combines influences from their diverse musical backgrounds, personal life experiences and the reflections of their own journeys to create something true and unique. "Tributaries" was received with overwhelming support and continues to gain momentum.

Both albums are for sale in hard copy or on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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Guitar/Lead Vocals/Harmonica: David Bise

Mandolin/Lead Vocals/Harmonies/Banjo: Drew Morse

Bass/Harmonies: Patrick Pipkin

Fiddle/Harmonies: Sam Ellis